Lakemba Public School

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About our school

Lakemba Public School is situated in south western Sydney. The school serves an area of rich cultural diversity with around 98% of the students coming from language backgrounds other than English. A total of 44 languages are spoken at the school, the predominant cultural groups are from Arabic, Pakistani, Bengali, Indonesian and Vietnamese backgrounds.

The school has 19 classes and a number of specialist teachers who provide quality programs in areas such as, English as an additional language or dialect, music, library and Arabic community language.

A culture of continual learning and growth supports an integrated curriculum that is based firmly in literacy and numeracy. The team of dedicated staff work collaboratively towards a shared vision of providing quality teaching and learning programs to improve learning outcomes for all students. Assessment for learning strategies and the provision of varied, creative and comprehensive programs aim to engage and develop the whole student. The values of respect, cooperation and responsibility are central to our safe and supportive learning environment.

A School as Community Centre (SaCC) was established at the school over 12 years ago to support families with children from nought to 8 years of age make a successful transition to school. The centre is an integral part of the school and community.