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School as a community centre

The School as a Community Centre (SaCC) is a school based local community centre for families with children from birth till 8 years of age. The centre is based in the grounds of Lakemba Public School. It is the first building on the left as you enter the school from Alice Street South.  The programs that operate at the SaCC are for the wider Lakemba community and not just for families of the Lakemba Public School.

Who can come to the Centre?

The centre is accessible to:

  • parents with young children who have not yet started school;
  • parents with children at school;
  • grandparents; and
  • members of the community supporting children from birth till 8 years of age.

What happens there?

The SaCC provides a range of free activities and programs to promote healthy, happy families and give children a positive start to school. We also aim to support families with young children and help build a stronger community of good neighbours.

Who runs it?

The local facilitator of the school community centre is Leonie.  She plans and organises programs which the centre offers. She also works with health services, family support agencies, the council, schools and other local organisations to bring new programs into the area for the benefit of local families.

The SaCC has a management committee with representatives from relevant local agencies and departments. This committee plans annually for the SaCC and oversees the direction and budget of the centre.

There is also a parent advisory group of local users of the centre's programs which gives valuable feedback and insight into the perceptions of the community and its needs. Parents and community members are invited to participate in the development of activities organised by the centre.

Leonie can be contacted on 02 9759 4061 for more information.

Information about community programs that are hosted and involve the SaCC can be found posted on our Facebook page.